Our Story...

After spending most of her school years dabbling in the arts (painting, drawing, sketching, doodling…and a finally majoring in art history), Lauren found her medium in cake and chocolate!

Initially inspired by a batch of cupcake shaped cake pops made for Cupcake Camp SF in late 2008, and followed by much soul searching and various flavor enhancements, Sweet Lauren Cakes hit the ground running in July 2009.

Right from the start, we were delighting customers with new and whimsical designs, which were the perfect match for any occasion, from Baby Showers, Birthday parties, and Sporting events, to elegant Corporate Galas and gorgeous Weddings.

All of our artisan cake pops are handmade in San Francisco, California. At Sweet Lauren Cakes, we strive to delight not only with the palette,

but also the eye; with our signature combination of elegant detail, artistic craftsmanship, and tasty ingredients put into each and every pop.

We take pride in providing the most delicious cake flavors using premium ingredients from local Ghiradelli Cocoa to Strauss Creamery Butter to exotic Tahitian Vanilla Beans. Each fully baked cake pop is hand-rolled and then hand-dipped in chocolate… so every bite is truly an experience!

Browse through our blog to view our unique cake pop designs, or come by our commercial kitchen, located in the friendly neighborhood of Bernal Heights ~ we would love for you to visit us!